Monthly Archives: January 2013


Righto – time to get on this blogging nonsense I suppose. What the kids are doing and all that.

Me? I like stuff and occasionally, if the wind is right, doing things.

I’m a product of a Kiwi and an Aussie. Consider myself a Kiwi as spent the majority of my life there but technically it’s possible I’m an Australian (but you won’t se me admitting it).

I have a love of movies from grades A-Z, including not-writing film scripts (have been not-working on a particular post-apocalyptic film script for about 4 years now – it’s going well!). Give me another 70-80 years and it’ll be on at a cinema near you.

Also quite like football (the european version) and follow the fortunes of both Liverpool and Wellington Phoenix which leads to a fairly consistant weekly bout of frustration. Enjoy playing the sport as well but getting old and increasingly feeble so now just play indoor now –  but in the past have played soccer, rugby, touch rugby, basketball, rugby league and the fine sport of indoor netball. I am all that is man.

Travel is another big passion – have visited about a not-nearly-enough 35 countries with a fast-growing list of next ones. As well as plans to re-vist many of the previous. Next up is a follow-up Californian road-trip with another trip to New York to see stuff I missed the first time.

For the day-to-day I have been working in the online marketing field now for about 7 years. Both with larger corporates, as an internal resource at a smaller company and at a couple of agencies (am now pretty settled at Optimising though). I quite enjoy the industry – especially as it changes so much day-to-day – is good for someone who gets bored easily! It’s a dynamic industry that is quite a bit different than it was even a year ago and I enjoy helping out business that are clueless in this area. I also enjoy the fact that I’m far better than my workmates at foosball.

Anyway – that’s enough for now. Tune in for further trivial drivel down the track.