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This is where I review recent things quickly because there’s other stuff I should be doing.

Gravity review:

Hadn’t seen the first Miss Congeniality so was a little confused at the setting of the sequel.

Sorry. As has has been written about a gazillion times before this – Gravity is visually impressive, sound is incredible and finally an amazing use of 3d – certainly one for the Imax and not Piratebay! Particularly enjoy the fact that, although not a particularly substantial movie, it’s still a refreshing piece of movie-making that’s not a franchise. Yet. Gravity 2 starring George Clooney landing on an alien planet armed with a rocket launcher and a sense of justice is probably being frantically put together as we speak.

80 trillion stars out of 100 trillion stars.

Liverpool’s game against WBA on the weekend review.
While people that don’t support Liverpool (fools!) undoubtedly hate him, Luis Suarez is one of the top 3 players in the world right now. Utterly unplayable when he’s in that sort of mood (the non-cannibal one) and makes good, international level players look average.  4/5 Balls. Would’ve been 5 if that overhead kick had gone in.


Brooklyn Brown Ale Review

My current fave. Smells and tastes &^%^#^&& delicious. 

Colour: Err.. rich mahogany
Taste: A good one. Chocolatey and coffeeish.
Any thing else actually useful to say about it? Look, it’s probably not the most ‘moreish’ beer going around but a great Sunday afternoon tipple.

Rating: 15 out of 20 headaches. And this is posted the morning after which says something. What I’m not sure. The most amateur food & beverage review ever? I’d say so.
brooklyn brown

Lou Reed

A sad day but a chance to fondly a legend of a man who created some amazing tracks and influenced thousands of others, especially in the realm of punk / new wave. ‘Perfect Day’ is a song I return to time and time again. Every lover of good music owes him plenty.

lou iggy bowie

An infinite amount of stars out of an equal amount.