Worst / Best Website on the interwebs.

So I just feasted my eyes on this website – http://www.arvanitakis.com/en/  It’s just incredible and I can’t take my eyes/ears/mouse of it.

The strange thing is, as far as I can see there’s no sense of irony involved.

It’s basically the Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace  of websites (but again – without the self-awareness). Which by the way you should watch if you don’t know it.

Anyway, It’s probably best viewed as you would an eclipse – through a hole in a box and standing about 100 million km away. But seriously get in there and click around – hidden web-design delights await. I’d advise sound turned up for the full wonder-filled experience.

More is More.

More is More.

Below the fold:

Why the santa claus riding a polar bear over a nuclear power plant? Because they hate your brain, that’s why.

Anyone seen anything that can compete with this? As this is my first proper post I don’t expect a massive rush of responses but if you don’t ask right?

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