‘Murica thus far

So America has been fairly whirlwind so far  Рa mad dash from California to Utah/Arizona with a couple of days in mad Las Vegas Р crammed full of old canyon landscapes, long drives that distract with stunning open countryside, aching feet, river rafting, NY publishing party, hip NY streets, museums, an amazing XX gig at the Berkeley campus.

A hummingbird/Zion backdrop made for a rad morning view.

A hummingbird/Zion backdrop made for a rad morning view.

Zion and Me

Posing with Zion National Park performing in the background

Zion Filtered

A solo effort from Zion

Grand Canyon Filter1

North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Pictures no do the justice etc

Grand Canyon Me

Awkward pose in front of the GC

Night Drive 2

A terrifying drive through post-apocalyptic – mostly for the road-loving deer that loved to leap out.

Camera Shop

Replacing my camera battery charger at a cool old shop in Kanab, Arizona.

Colorado River - filter

Colorado River rafting (the non-extreme type)

Horseshoe Bend

And the view from above (Horseshoe Bend)

Antelop Canyon Me

Antelope Canyon (Page, Arizona)

Antelope Canyon 3

Antelope Canyon sans me.

Bryce Canyon Panorama

Some more canyons – this time the stunning Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

Bryce 1

And Bryce…

Bryce with Sign

More Bryce

Bryce 5

Bryce deserves more

Old Hipster

Elderly hipster in Williamsburg, NYC

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Wburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge

Horse Pose

Slight chump behaviour at the NY MET – possibly my new favourite museum (amongst Cairo and the Louvre anyway).

Greek Theatre 2

Greek Theatre on Berkeley university campus, preparing for the XX. Which was incredible.



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