About Me

So if you haven’t guessed from the domain, I’m Nathan and this is my platform to voice my self-important drivel blog.

Career-wise, I’ve been in the online marketing realm for about 8 years and I’ve worked, lived and played in New Zealand (various spots), Australia (Melbourne) and the UK (London). I am however, not on the run.nathan davies

My passions include travelling to and drinking in exoticish locations (though there has been a criminal lack in this for the past few years), films (with a weakness for b-grade zombie/post apocalyptic type affairs), and the playing of and yelling at, various sports.

I live with my very lovely and talented girlfriend who has access to theĀ internet, and a small dog that thinks she’s some sort of large wolf.

I should probably warn you I now have a beard but have absolutely nothing to hide. I’ll soon replace that photo of me looking surprised with a photo to prove it.

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